needless to say then affection is judgement

the idea of business is just a different kind of play 

Anonymous said: MEANWHILE we get married. jackie is our priest. and seungodri is our witness. you, a married women now. i love you.

it’s so sweet - ravi

adaptation doesnt have to mean the adoption of tiring useless punishing mannerisms for purposes of relativity


the necessity of beauty for sustenance

needless to say for some this is penance

indulgin is a crime

law about the need to rhyme

when held what is regulation

conceived calculation

fools still think even if they are thoughtless

tho bein less is what they good at… i guess

suppose you are one

what do you know

haha i hold a bible in my hand

tis mine

so fine

imma be frank

it aint happenin without tendin to

do you need a pen to write

dispose of your spite

and be quiet

be quiet

do you know how much you wired hahahahahahahah idiot

MEANWHILE [#00333]

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